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Honoring motherhood: Tracing the roots of Mother’s Day.

Mother hugging her children
Mother's Day

Ever since I can remember Mother’s Day has always been a time-honored tradition. 


We spend a whole day celebrating the one person who’s always there for us, packing lunches, cheering us on, on and off the field, a teacher, a guidance counselor, and more, and when illness strikes; she keeps watch.


But have you ever stopped to wonder when, and where this day was officially named and proclaimed?  A day we honor that special person who makes a difference in every day you face?


My child-like curiosity got the better of me. I wanted to know more…


In my search for the truth, I found many reasons why mothers are extraordinary creatures that can never be defined by just only one thing, but rather by many.


In ancient times maternal figures were honored by ways of hosting festivals to show gratitude. Following the timeline, I also found that in the early 20th century a woman named Anna Jarvis felt the need to celebrate the importance of mothers everywhere. She campaigned for a day to be established as a national day. Greatly inspired by her mother, she took it upon herself to start a campaign to achieve this. 


Historically it is known that her mother organized and hosted workshops, and social gatherings for women to learn new traits, and to hone their skills. Her goal was to help women support themselves and their communities in times of need. Anna Jarvis’s vision was realized in 1914 by way of proclamation by President Woodrow Wilson. The proclamation read that the second Sunday in May should be known as Mother’s Day.


Mother’s Day serves as a reminder of the selfless acts of love and sacrifices mothers make for their children, and families daily. Mothers demonstrate unwavering dedication and devotion to their loved ones. They embody strength, and resilience, facing challenges with grace and determination. They can navigate life’s ups and downs. Even in the face of adversity, their approach to life inspires us to persevere and conquer. 


Mother’s Day offers us the opportunity to express gratitude for the profound impact mothers have had on our lives. Their invaluable wisdom is passed down through generations, shaping our values, beliefs, minds, and outlook on life. A day we can reflect on the love and kindness shown to us even in trying times. Where we can recognize their silent tears, and their loud and proud support.


It’s essential to recognize the important role mothers play in our lives. Just as mothers prioritise our health and well-being, isn’t it essential for us to prioritise their health and well-being? 


I think it is essential that we recognize what mothers need, to keep up the pace. We should celebrate and honor mothers daily.  


Essential, isn’t it?

"Mothers are like glue. Even when you can't see them, they're still holding the family together."


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