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vascafem unique supplement for women
vascafem unique supplement for women

About Vascafem

Just one tablet daily supports your body in three areas that most influence your well-being: your bone, cardiovascular, and immune systems. This unique product, formulated specifically for women of all ages, provides enough calcium for your daily requirements. One container contains enough for one month.


Apart from calcium, Vascafem contains vitamin D3 and vitamin K2, which aid in the absorption of calcium. It also includes folic acid, Vitamin B6, hawthorn, zinc, and selenium.

Vascafem unique supplement for women

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What Clients Say

"I have been using Vascafem for around 14 years, I feel the difference, with my arthritis , as my flare ups are not so often, and not that painful. When I stop taking it, I feel the difference in my body. Its an amazing supplement. I'm 66 years of age, and my bones are strong. I've had 2 ops on my legs that healed very quickly, and I am sure that Vascafem played a large role in that. I take them religiously every single day."

Dorrit S.

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